Friday, February 5, 2010

Solidarity with the Mourning Mothers in Iran

How can we continue our support for the people of Iran who are protesting and demanding their freedom?

Here is one way: The mourning mothers of Iran are the mothers of protesters who have been killed by the establishment. These protesters only wanted freedom of expression and freedom to a decent life with dignity.

Let’s show our support, every week people gather in Berkeley to support this. All people welcome (gender, age, …) Lots of families join us and there are always activities for children (no gruesome pictures displayed). We give people information about the recent events in Iran and keep Iran alive in their minds. We take petitions and support letters and ask them to sign them.
We want to film our event and put it on you tube so people in Iran know that they are not alone. We also email a report to people in Iran every week about it. Organize among your friends, take a candle, and flowers, pictures of the young protesters and wear black [optional] to show our love and respect to these silent brave women.

When: 1PM ON Sundays (JOIN OUR EMAIL LIST TO GET ANNOUNCEMENTS) It is not about turning out in big numbers; it is about being persistence and sustaining it for a longer period of time.

If everyone tells at least 10 people then at least 3 persons/families will show up. The main goal is to "be the media" and bring the message from people to people. We hope u join us. Bay area Volunteers for solidarity with mourning mothers in Iran. contact:

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