Friday, February 5, 2010

farzad kamangar's mother

Farzad Kamangar is a Kurdish teacher, journalist and political prisoner sentenced to death. There are many innocent and brave women and men like him in the same predicament. For more info

Excerpts of The letter of Farzad kamangar’s mother to Mothers in Mourning and the solidarity groups abroad:

January 16th 2010

Farzad’s mother sends a message to all mothers in mourning that we should take action to save our children ourselves.

She continues to say: Farzad is not my only child, all the other young people in the prisons who have been executed, are sentenced to death or are languishing in prison are my children also. Human beings are all equal, whether Fars, Arab, Kord or Azari they are all humans and entitled to freedom and dignity, but how must we proceed, and who do we appeal to, Where and how?

What do these protesters want but freedom? Farzad has been in prison for four years, what did he want but to struggle for freedom? His attorney has tried and tried to help but now they say his file is missing. His attorney has has had a heart attack because of the terrible ordeal of Farzad and a dozen other Farzads.

…We must rise up united, with all our differences we must stand hand in hand and protest together and keep each other informed…don’t these gentlemen recall the fate of the shah? Didn’t they see what happened to Saddam Hossein? Is that what they want for themselves?

We appeal to you, to the United Nations, they are killing our children every day, it is very dangerous, don’t let these young people be killed. You are my voice tell the world.

This is Farzad Kamangar’s message, let us listen to her call, I speak to all you brave and freedom loving people where ever you are rise up and show your solidarity, demonstrate, have gatherings and be assured many will join you. Call for the immediate release of all political prisoners and immediate ban on the executions.

Solidarity with mournful mothers in Iran-LA
Solidarity with Mothers in Mourning in Iran SF Bay Area

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